The process of assessing the capability of a contractor before inviting them to bid for a scope of work. A comprehensive pre-qualification process should include:

  1. How potential contractors are identified and selected for further evaluation;
  2. The use of third-party registrar services to capture contractor information / expressions of interest;
  3. Evaluation criteria, covering at a minimum:
    • Technical capability;
    • QA/QC;
    • HSE;
    • Financial stability and insolvency risk;
    • Anti-bribery & corruption (including sanctions, debarments and recent litigation); and
    • Accreditation and certification where required.
  4. A tiered approach, including simplified assessment for local / low-risk contractors;
  5. A process for assessing potential contractors against criteria. This may include the use of third-party audit for contractors being considered for high-risk / high-value packages;
  6. Classification of contractors by HSE category and by their capacity to perform specific scopes of work;
  7. A process to assure that a contractor must be prequalified before being invited to bid on a package.