Book review – Project Procurement Management: A Guide to Structured Procurements

Project Procurement Management: A Guide to Structured Procurements ★★★  
Most suitable for single procurements or small projects
There are not that many books out there for the project procurement practitioner, so I was pleased to find this one. The book focuses, through a practitioner’s eyes, on the Project Management Institute’s Project Procurement Management knowledge area. The Fifth Edition of “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge” (PMBoK) is used as a basis.
Overall, while Guth does provide some useful guidance on the conduct of specific procurements in the project context, he does not build significantly on what already exists in PMBoK, or in other procurement texts written for operations environments.
This book will be most useful to a practitioner planning a single complex procurement, or a small number of procurements for a sustaining capital project in an operating context. The book does not provide sufficient guidance for a major international project that may have 70-100 large packages to be delivered over several years.

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