Category management

We are experienced in professional services category management. We understand the commercial structures, motivations and business drivers of  professional services firms (especially engineering, project management and ICS).

We have worked with our clients to better understand their service providers, manage charge rates in line with what is reasonable in the market, and optimise their commercial arrangements.

We manage exposure to specialist or incumbent contractors by:

  • Identifying and developing alternatives;
  • Developing risk-allocation, remuneration and incentive models that foster positive behaviour; and
  • Creating options in the procurement process to lower the risk of being ‘locked-in’ with one contractor.

We also work with category leads to develop their category strategies in our areas of expertise, including:

  • Industry trends and analysis;
  • Demand factors (spend profiles, characteristics of end-users, organisational needs); and
  • Assessment of the company’s current contractor ecosystem (scale, distribution, relationships, ownership, engagement, potential).

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