Complex procurement

We have extensive experience on both client and contractor-side in preparing bids, and in leading competitive tender processes for individual supply, construction and professional services contracts greater than $100M in value.

For us, the key to running a successful bid process is in design and planning.

All aspects of the process should be considered:

  • Detailed planning and intelligent design of bid templates can save a bid team many hours in the high-pressure period of bid evaluation.
  • Having a clear idea at the beginning of what information will be collated and how it will be presented for approval contributes to a high-quality recommendation and greater probability that it will be accepted first time.

We are experienced in all aspects of major bids, including:

  • Developing complex bid packages, including coordination of specialist technical and legal input,
  • Managing the flow of requests for information (RFIs) and technical queries (TQs)  between bidders and technical reviewers,
  • Assessing the comparative cost and value of bidders’ proposals,
  • Evaluating the commercial and other implications of bidders’ assumptions, exclusions and qualifications,
  • Working with the principal’s legal and finance functions to assess and mitigate commercial risks, and
  • Preparing award recommendations and summary presentations for executive and board-level decisions.

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