Portfolio planning

As a business or project ramps up, it needs to critically review its existing contracts, systems, procedures and controls.

Inexperienced principals can assume that the small-scale systems that have successfully carried them through concept and studies will be enough for the spend and complexity of the next stage.

Often the procurement, contract and commercial functions of studies are directly managed and governed under the umbrella of the operating business. This means that many of the necessary procedures must be adapted and extended to be workable during construction.

We identify where gaps and weaknesses in procurement and contracting processes expose the business to commercial risk.

We advise on the commercial framework that needs to be in place for the expected spend volume and complexity for each stage of a project. This includes:

  • Commercial systems and controls;
  • Administrative procedures; and
  • Team capability.

We review study reports and other project documentation to advise whether the proposed procurement and contracting approach is adequately defined and documented for the next stage.

We work with EPCM contractors or PMC to align their existing project procedures with the principal’s requirements for oversight and approval.

We have hands-on experience with a number of procurement, contract management and project management systems, including SAP supply chain, finance and vendor management, Ellipse, Omnicom, Ariba, Prism, Prolog, ProCon and proprietary systems.

Our experience in building and leading commercial teams means that we can work with you to:

  • Assess whether you have the right people in the right specialist roles;
  • Assist in the competency assessment of potential employees;
  • Provide training and development; and
  • Provide ongoing mentoring and senior advisory services to the team or to project leadership.

One of our clients wanted to initiate a broad ICS change and renewal program with a recently-appointed technology partner. Our role was to plan and manage the logistics of a highly compressed program of workshops, intended to identify and prioritise potential ICS improvements from a business need perspective. We also worked with the client’s ICS team on internal strategic planning to get the best value out of the technology partner.

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