Projects and businesses operate within a complex web of stakeholders and constraints.  A successful venture must have the right strategy.

It does not matter whether it is a construction project, a merger, acquisition or divestment, a technology transfer, entry into a new market or the need to respond to growth. Procurement strategy is always constrained by external factors:

  • State-mandated preferential procurement or industry-specific legislation,
  • Restriction of some activities to nationally-registered companies,
  • Tax concessions tied to local content quotas,
  • Tariff protections applied to local industry,
  • Commitments to provide employment and contracting opportunities within project participation or access agreements,
  • Limited regional infrastructure,
  • Unskilled and untrained local workforces,
  • Natural and social risks: extreme temperatures, altitude, earthquake, floods, monsoons, armed conflict, government expropriation,
  • Physical limits on the movement of freight.

We have developed procurement strategy for many difficult project contexts. We have worked on projects in some of the poorest and most remote countries in the world.

We like to get in early. We like to work in the early planning and study phases of a venture when the greatest leverage is available. We evaluate and recommend appropriate delivery methods and approach for the project context.

We can ensure constraints and obligations are properly considered.

We can create a safe environment for teams to challenge their assumptions and define their approach.  We support teams needing to radically redirect their contracting approach in response to crisis or to major change. We have deep international experience in working through events such as project cancellation, acceleration, suspension and restart, change in business objectives or in senior leadership.

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