A market approach where, rather than undertaking a competitive bid or sole-source, a work package is awarded by issuing a purchase order or other … Read more

Competitive tension

The concept that if two or more contractors are invited to bid for a tender, they are more likely to offer competitive prices or quality … Read more


A free-issue item is one that is provided to the supplier or contractor rather than being supplied by the contractor. It is common in … Read more

Market approach

The way in which a work package is to be put out to the market. Market approaches include: Competitive bid, Sole-source, and Call-off.


A market approach where only one supplier or contractor is invited to submit a bid in response to a tender. Sole-source is discouraged as … Read more

Work package

A line item on a procurement and contracting plan. A work package has a defined scope of work that can be awarded to a single … Read more